Photos management software opensource?

Hello everyone
Like everyone now, I also have managed to have few thousand photos stored in my harddisks and are scattered and un cataloged and a choas to search through.
So i started using apple photos to get the photos organised, tagged and sorted out. but with apple after few years, the mac becomes outdated and apple photos decline to start and do the stuff.
So now i am looking for a opensource photo management and organiser which i can run on my proxmox and dump all my photos in a folder and let the software do the magic of sorting the photos based on metadata.
Came across DigiKam (its opensource, works on linux, windows and macOS) but does not have a soft of server module which can do the stuff in the background keeping my work machine free and let other members also access the family photos.

Do you have any ideas of another photo management software or any way digikam can acheive the same?

I use nextcloud for all my videos and videos and has good organization tools. has been really great for me. Really fast and store all the photos in plain files so backup and recovery is nice and easy.

Planning to take a closer look at PhotoPrism soonβ„’, heard good things about it