Phone Systems Recommendations for Small Business


I’ve been researching on a customer’s phone system so we could add another line to ring certain extensions. After spending countless hours and the customer getting the number ported in, I have discovered that they no longer have an active/valid license for their phone system (Avaya) and licensing for this phone system is super expensive.

All their current phone lines are analog trunks and can be configured through a program on their server or through the web GUI.

This phone system is complicated to use, so I’m trying to find an alternative solution to get them to switch to make managing their phone system easier in the future.

What would you all recommend? I know Tom uses FreePBX, but I know they probably need unlimited calling per user/extension and call forwarding to cell phones for the police department and utilities department.


Take a look see at Grandstream Wille Howe’s systems of choice. Also if you are considering FreePBX contact Chris at both systems can work with analog lines.


We still really like FreePBX but it can be a bit complicated to initially configure but once set up is easy to maintain.


Our current phone system is a Toshiba CIX-100 that is no longer supported.

They recommended looking at Zullys I have no experience with them or seen the product as of yet. The dealer wants me to stop by there office for a demo.

Analog systems are going away in favor of IP



Agree, FreePBX is awesome.
Contact Chris from Crosstalk Solutions. Search for him on Google or check out his excellent YouTube Channel.