Phone System Recommendations

The company I work for currently uses BVoIP and 3CX for phone systems. With every passing day my team and I become less and less impressed with their offering. (We are aware of the 3CX hack).

We aren’t opposed to staying with 3CX, we feel like most of our issues come from BVoIP.

We are about a 250 person company. The standard call recording, call queues, IVR, and voicemail are all things required. If we can, we would love to be able to send text messages. We would also be interested in integrating into MS Teams.

I know Tom recommends OITVoIP. but I figured I would ask the people here to see what they recommend and or are using.

With FreePBX, you can do everything you mentioned (including SMS) besides from the MS Teams integration.
If you want to look at a [mainly] closed source solution, look at VitalPBX.

We still love OIT, but FreePBX is a good solution as long as you can support it.

2nd vote for FreePBX.

VoIP.MS as a SIP provider gives you options for SMS messaging using your SIP numbers. It’s a little messy getting the messages in and out - either email based or something on a cell phone or PC - like Zoiper.

Teams integration. Very few PBX’s are actually SUPPORTED by MS for connection to Teams - and 3CX is one of them.

FreePBX will interact with Teams if you are willing to be unsupported b y MS - but takes some changes ‘under the hood’ - there are web guides and youtube videos.

If you see interaction with Teams as a ‘nice to have but not an essential service’ - then FreePBX (and low costs). If it breaks - you are pretty much unsupported…

If Teams integration is a ‘must have and must be reliable’ - then 3CX OR FreePBX with an Audiocodes SBC gateway OR one of the online services that you point your FreePBX at and it handles the flow of traffic between reg SIP (FreePBX) and Teams (and higher costs)…

Do not know your budget…