Phone on the IOT VLAN temporarily? risky?

Is it fine to put the phone on the IOT vlan for like an hr while you setup your IOT devices (so you can discover them easily), then after you discover them, move your phone to the secure vlan? will your phone not be secure because it was once on the IOT VLAN?

Or if i get a new smart device, what are the risk if i connect my phone to the IOT VLAN for like 2 minutes, then disconnect and make the device/VLAN forget my phone? i would assume it’s safe as long as a smart device isn’t compromised at the time i connected my phone? (though would the router/etc remember my phone’s mac address? etc

Why do you assume that your IOT devices are inherently dangerous? They need to be compromised first and if they are new, I would expect them to be clean.

It’s no more at risk than it was before you setup the vlans. It’s no more at risk than it is when you’re connected to someone else’s wifi somewhere else. And it’s not like it is at no risk just connected to your cell data.

I think you are way way overthinking the risk you’re mitigating with the VLANs. The risk is not “OMG my IOT devices are all out to get me”. The risk is that some IOT device could possibly become compromised by a bad actor. And then that bad actor utilize the compromised device to being snooping other devices on the same network. You are guarding against a what-if. So yes of course it is perfectly safe and fine to do what you are asking. Remember like 99.9% of every human being on earth with wifi at home does not have VLANS guarding against this. You are the 0.1% taking extra steps. It’s ok.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so i assume most of my cheap Chinese smart devices don’t get very regular security updates (if their are vulnerabilities); espically with the amount i do/would have, greater # of risk factors is great chance of their being a bad outcome;

if i was buying 100% reputable smart devices, like eufy/amazon/philibs/nest/etc, i would have better faith in their security updates and that they would have less risk factors/etc

Thanks for answering :slight_smile: and sure i could be taking extra steps, but i would assume a lot of homes won’t have as many smart devices or differing smart device brands as i do [i would assume 60-70% don’t have smart devices at all, where as mine does/has smart vents/cameras/plugs/lights/etc]; and each brand/device could have it’s own vulnerabilities/etc, so i’m just wanting to be extra safe for peace of mind, and in the off-chance one of my devices does get compromised, the affect would be minimal/manageable