PFsesne not using static IPs

Hi team! I am new to PFsense. I recently installed it and I am trying to set static IPs to my NAS,WAP and switch.

I add the static IPs in the DHCP leases but they arent updating. I rebooted the router and restarted the service multiple times and still no change. What could I be doing wrong?

Are they configured down below that under “DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface” with the proper MAC addresses?

They are, I poked at it for a bit last night and nothing changed but I woke up today and all of my assigned IPs are working now.

Ill play with more and and familiarize myself with it a bit more.

If you change the client’s IP address in the router’s DHCP table, for example setting a different static IP, you need to get the DHCP client on the client device to check in with the DHCP server. I’d guess that overnight, your clients requested a DHCP lease update and got the corrected address from the server. Often, when I set a new static IP, I’ll reboot the client to immediately push the IP update.


As gzornetzer pointed out, every time you add a new static DHCP lease, reboot the client. Activate the static ARP record option, if the reboot didn’t help. Also, don’t forget to click “Apply Changes” :slight_smile:

As a troubleshooting step run this command in linux on a client side, post the result here:
dhclient -v


thank you for the suggestions everyone! Everything seems to be working great now!