Pfsense + Zyxel Smart switch DHCP on Separate VLAN

I watched the tutorial for setting up VLANS from Lawrence systems, but I cannot get them to get DHCP to assign and traffic through. The interface is assigned in Pfsense and the DHCP server has is enabled. They are on two separate IP ranges. Im using a Zyxel GS1900 smart switch and the VLANs are tagged with the VLAN tag. I know I am missing something, but if anyone can see something to help me out please let me know.

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I am not aware of any incompatibilities between the devices, but I have not used any Zyxel devices in a long time. Make sure you have the VLAN parent interface set correctly in pfsense.

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by parent interface youre talking about the connection that physically connects to the router or the logical interface for the vlan. I dont see anything in the physical connection that would block it. I am a complete noob at pfsense and managed switches though.

the parent device for the vlan is set to the lan connection. is it suppose to be wan?

I got it to work in the most unorthodox way (at least in my head) i had to exlude it from vlan 1. all the ports in vlan 1 are set to untagged. I set the PVID to VLAN 20 (which is the one i wanted it to be on but it didnt get any DHCP), and I am receiving traffic. This is the only way i was able to get traffic through. should vlan 1 (defualt vlan ) so it doesnt cause this issue in the future?