Pfsense with two isp

Hello Everyone,
i need second pair of eyes on this one. First i may say that i use Fortigate for all my business customers, so I’m used to there IOS and rules etc. i just recently purchased netgate appliance to use/replace fortigate at one of my offices.
i have to two ISPs connected to this pfsense, isp_a is static, isp_b is dhcp (publicly). i read everywhere about configuring dual isp for redundancy, but that’s not what i want.
what i am trying to accomplish is having lan_a use isp_a for internet and lan_b use isp_b for its internet. i just cant get it work - everything is going out of the default gateway. with fortinet its so simple, perhaps i’m just not comprehending pfsense fundamentals or is it just too easy that I’m not seeing it LOL. Fortigate i have one default gateway. the two interfaces lan_a and lan_b. firewall rule one which says incoming lan_a to outging isp_a, firewall rule two which says incoming lan_b to outging isp_b. any guidance would be appreciated.

For the rule that allows internet connection for each lan, click on ‘Advanced Options’

Change the default gateway to the required isp connection