Pfsense Wireguard Site to Site VPN

Hey Tom,

Thanks so much for your video (pfsense Wireguard Site to Site VPN - YouTube), which helped a lot to understand wireguard setup in pfsense.

I have query on the interface setup for wireguard.
After the wireguard tunnel is created, pfsense is already showing a interface “WireGuard” in Rules screen.
I have a wireguard setup in pfsense to connect it with phone or laptop. I setup the wireguard “pass” rules directly in “WireGuard”, instead of creation/assigning a interface.
So I would like to understand, why new interface “tomzhome” is assigned and set up rules in it, instead of setting up rules directly in “WireGaurd”.

If you create it as an interface each WG instances get’s it’s own tab for rules.

Awesome, I didn’t thought this way.
Thanks again for your time.