pfSense Wireguard Log

Had a situation where one of my site-to-site peers in Wireguard disconnected overnight and never reconnected. This is pfSense to pfSense connection using the Wireguard package. I am trying to dig into what happened and why it didn’t reconnect with the handshake. I have a keep alive setting on both sides of 15 seconds although this is probably not necessary since it is WAN-to-WAN with static IP’s but I just deployed like that.

I was digging into it remotely for a client and just did a restart of the firewall and the connection came back up immediately like it should after reboot. Just want to understand why this solved the issue and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Did you check if the service stopped? It might have some data under the logs and packages.

Sorry I missed that detail, I was connected via my tunnel to that site without an issue and noticed the Gateway for the site-to-site was down so the service was operating.

All good overnight last night. Connection is solid just like it was for the preceding 10+ days prior to the disconnect on Saturday night.