Pfsense Wireguard Dynamic Peers, Split or Full Tunnel: Windows, Ubuntu/PopOS, Android

Working on these new Wireguard & pfsense videos has been fun. Check out the performance here WireGuard in pfSense 2.5 Performance

The official documentation here Virtual Private Networks — WireGuard — WireGuard and Rules / NAT | pfSense Documentation

And our documentation / consolidation site for pfsense tutorials pfSense – LTS Documentation

Thanks for the video, but I can only get it to work from my android phone using full tunnel, it won’t work when trying the split tunnel.
I think I did see someone else mention this in the comments of your video, I was wondering if there is a problem when actually going over the net rather than a lab setup?

I have this setup over the public internet as well, just did not feel like doing the video that way because it requires more editing. It does work fine, maybe check your DNS settings.