pfsense will not let me go to a site that uses port 80.

Hi everyone, I’m a new beginner here and I am not very good at programming things I always search for everything on the net. :smiley:
But now I have a problem and I can’t find anything about:

I have to go to and can’t get through it is a IPTV channel.

If I switch the TV over to my mobile WiFi, all IPTV channels work (it is not the intention to keep it that way)

I am using pfsense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) and have a web server behind it where port 80 is forwarded from WAN to IP server.

Is there anyone who could help me with this. It already drives me crazy and I can’t watch IPTV. :thinking:

Thanks in advance, kind regards Rob (from the Netherlands)

P.S. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year :fireworks:

Share a screenshot of your port forward setup and the related firewall rule it auto-created. Also show us whether you have made any other firewall rules yourself, on any interface.

Is the website with the IPTV channels hosted on the webserver you are running internally, or is it an outside server accessed over the internet?

the IPTV channels are outside server accessed over the internet somewhere in Russia.

Do you have other devices accessing the internet through this pfSense?

If you temporarily disable your port forwards for port 80, does the site you are trying to visit work again?

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Yes I do you have other devices accessing the internet through this pfSense

i did what you suggested and hocus pocus the stream works. :thinking:
But how do I access the web server when port 80 is turned off?
Is there another solution?

Then as I suspected, your port forwarding rule is too broad. It is basically forwarding everything destined for port 80 back into your network. This isn’t normal and shouldn’t happen, because it should only affect traffic coming in the WAN interface. I recommend going to the PFSense forum for support.

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turning port 80 off and then on again, there is no problem for now I believe (I hope)
all now appears to work again including the IPTV from russia and the web servers.

Thank you for the assistance.