PFSense: WAN Static IP Question


I am trying to figure out how to setup my WAN interface on the 7100U. My ISP gives us static IP’s.

In the Pf Sense Documentation it states about the “Upstream Gateway”. Not sure what that is?

My static for example is:

DNS: /


Is the Upstream Gateway the DHCP/Router?

I posted this on Netgate forum, and got this response:

If your ISP provides a DHCP the gateway as well as the primary WAN IP are configured automatically. You have to set the WAN IP settings to DHCP.

In this case you have to assign he static IP in Firewall > virtual IPs as type “IP alias” to the WAN.

Not sure if that is exactly what I am looking for?

I have the Unifi UDM Pro and in there I have the static IP setup as setup as above and it connects. I have read the documentation from the 7100U and the netgate PFSense docs and it states that the IP Address and the Upstream gateway must reside on the same subnet. I am “guessing” here that the Router (in UDM Pro) is the Upstream Gateway?

If your ISP gives you static ip, they should provide you with (ip, netmask, gateway).

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