pfSense WAN load logging?

Hi folks,

pfSense and WAN load monitoring: Is there an easy way to figure out how much WAN througput our connection peaks at? Let’s say for a week?

I currently have an SG-1100 serving our home network, WAN speed is 100 down / 30 up. Until yesterday I had 500 down / 40 up. New contract, this was the cheaper plan. We are light users mostly, but we are a family of 5 and we do use the internet all together at peak hours.

Now I am curious how much we actually use during those peak times. This way I can decide if 100/30 is enough or if I need to up it to 300/40.

I’m not a pfSense novice but I’m certainly no expert either.


There is a Traffic Totals package you can install and it will create a summary per interface.


Thank you @LTS_Tom !

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