PFSense w/PFBlockerNG/NAT/UPnP and Gaming

Has anyone come up with a good solution for PFSense w/PFBlockerNG and gaming. For instance, with PFBlockerNG enable computers randomly get disconnected from the servers while gaming. And with multiple gaming PC’s on the network, NAT/UPnP has proven fairly difficult to resolve. Currently COD:MW has become almost impossible to play together on the same network.

Any advise, assistance would be extremely grateful.

Thank you,
Bradley Lemon

With PFBlockerNG you have to go though and whitelist what ever game connections that are getting blocked.

As for COD:MW if NAT/UPnP is not working you may have to open ports manually and that is not just a pfsense issue, it’s the poorly implemented network stack in their game causing issues with many router / firewalls.

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@LTS_Tom thank you so much for your assistance! Is there an easy way to locate what to whitelist in PFBlockerNG? I have followed your videos for setup PFSense, PFBlockerNG, among others. So I greatly appreciate all the valuable information you provide!

In pfsense go to pfBlocker then to Reports-Alerts and under the DNSBL heading there is a little + button to white list.

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