Pfsense vs unifi router

Currently have a usg that works great except I have gigabit download and I believe 100mb upload internet. Would like to get the max speed at home.

I have two unifi access points also on my network.

Does the dream machine get up to gigabit download on wan?

I’d like an openvpn server option if pfsense does not , currently using a pi for that. I don’t do vlan or really anything else special. About 30 devices to include all my smart devices are on the network.

I have a blue iris server that I may be able to run a virtual machine in and run pfsense if possible. What do you guys think I should go with?

My preference is for pfsense and OpenVPN works great with it. I do recommend hardware based appliances over virtualization.


Thank you Tom. Love the channel. Maybe someday soon I will do a pfsense then.

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