pfSense - VPN - VLAN

I am looking into setting up pfSense and try to configure one VLAN to always use a VPN connection.

Has anyone tried this. Basically, I want to be able to make sure that anyone connecting via that VLAN automatically uses the VPN, while other VLANs work as normal.

I could not find anything on that specific combination here, so I take the chance of adding it as a subject.

It’s pretty straight forward, just point the gateway for that vlan to your VPN gateway (instead of ISP WAN gateway) in your rules for outgoing WAN traffic.

If you have another rule for LAN traffic then you can see your other vlans from your VPN_vLAN.

It’s how I’ve set up my vlan_VPN to use my AirVPN connection.

You can even put your VPN clients in a gateway group so that if one fails, your traffic will then use the next available server, no need for a killswitch, though still a good idea to just have it.

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Excellent! Thank you!

This is exactly what i am looking for. Can you maby explain more in detail how i setup this.

I have already set up 3 tunnels. OpenVPN tun, OpenVPN tap and IPSEC betwine to pfsense firewalls over internet.

I also have made the LAN DHCP from one side avalible in one pyhsical port on the other side. Made it possibal true the OpenVPN tap and bridge interface whit that tunnel.

But i whant to be able to have multipale networks pushed over VPN. So i whould be wonderful to use VLAN instead.

When i set up the VLAN whitch interface should i use as the parent interface?