pfSense VPN / Different profile-ressources

Is it possible, with pfSense, to create different VPN profiles to give access to different ressources. And if yes, i cannot find tutorial, is it possible to refer me to one ?
I want to create different profile, based on … user or anything else, allowing me to give access to différent vlan. Example:
if I connect with user_lab, I only have access to the Lab vlan/ressources
if I connect with user_user, I have access as normal user, to users vlan/ressources
if I connect with user_server, I have (the machine) havec access to servers vlan and ack as a server in my local server vlan.

This can be done by user ? profile ? or anything else ?


A couple ways to approach this, create separate OpenVPN servers in pfsense for each group or you could use FreeRadius with static IP assignments and build rules around each user/IP combination

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