Pfsense VLAN's slow speed

hey, would anyone be able to help me with this?

I have a pfsense firewall connected to unifi network switches & access points over 1GB up/down FiOS internet. Unifi controller on a cloud key gen 2 plus.

I have several VLANs to segment my network. But for some reason, anything connected through the VLANs/UniFi runs a speed test at 40-100 Mbps. But anything running through the LAN port would get results of 800-950 Mbps.
I tried changing the vlan port to another one to see if the port was defective but got the same results.

In UniFi there are no limitations on speed, and I never set up any limiters on pfSense either.

would anyone have a clue as to why it’s doing that?

A wild guess is that you tried setting up jumbo frames.

Can you confirm in the switch and in pfSense that the link speed of the VLAN trunk is indeed 1GbE and not 100MbE?