Pfsense, VLANs, Netgear Insight, and DHCP

Hello all - long-time lurker, first-time poster.

TL;DR - I had assumed that Netgear’s Insight platform was smart enough to enable TRUNK on a switch’s UPLINK when setting up a wireless VLAN. Silly me.

I was wondering if anyone else our there has had any success with setting up Netgear infrastructure with wireless VLANs via their Insight platform?

I’ve got an existing network set up and working very well, with a Netgate 6100 serving a wired LAN, DMZ, wireless network, and VoIP on it’s 4 LAN interfaces. Now that I’m interested in segmenting my traffic a bit more, I’ve followed Tom’s excellent howto on wireless VLANs (I’d link to it here, but I’m limited to two links in this post, so the youtube video id is b2w1Ywt081o), and I’m confident that I’ve set up everything on the pfsense side correctly.

The issue comes when clients try to connect to the new wireless network. They can see the new SSID, and the Netgear Insight logs show that the clients connect, but are unable to obtain an IP address. The pfsense DHCP logs show no activity whatsoever on the VLAN interface (or any interface for that matter). Assigning a static IP via device MAC doesn’t help, and manually setting a static IP on the
client from the range set aside for the VLAN (but not the segment reserved for DHCP) does not resolve either.

I’ve posted this question on the Netgear forums, as I think I’m missing something fundamental to their platform - I’ve torn this down and rebuilt it several times over the past week without success. Any pointers would be appreciated.

And before you ask, here are the common questions I’m sure to get right off the bat:
I’m confident that the equipment is VLAN aware:

  • Switch - GC108PP
  • APs - WAX610 (searching this model number at the above link will take you to it’s page)
    I’ve checked that the VLAN IDs are identical across all network segments each time I configure it
    The ports on the Netgear switch that the APs are connected to have all been marked as TRUNK
    The VLAN ID I’m using is 50 (i.e. not a reserved / out-of-range number)

About the only thing I haven’t tried yet is taking the equipment off the Insight portal and configuring it all manually. That’s my next step if I don’t get any help from the Netgear forum.

Thanks in advance everyone - love the channel.

This video i did, might help you …

Thanks @jleaman - insightful, but not what I was looking for.

I ended up contacting Netgear Chat Support - turns out I was neglecting to also set my UPLINK to TRUNK when setting up my VLANs.


Hopefully this will serve as a bit of a “gotcha” for anyone else who finds themselves in the same position :slight_smile: