pfSense vLAN and UNIFI AP


Hi all,

I have a pfSense firewall at home and a UNIFI AP-AC-LR.
In pfSense I created a VLAN based on my LAN interface and created DHCP server for the VLAN interface and created the Firewall rule to go out to the internet.

In UNIFI controller, I created a VLAN Only network and set the VLAN ID. I then created a wireless network and in the advance option set ‘user VLAN’ with the VLAN ID.

I can connect to the wireless but I have no internet.

Can this be because my UNIFI controller is hosted in the cloud and not in the house?

Thank you in advance


For the switch port you use for the AP, what is the profile setting? It should be set to “All” VLANs:


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I use a Dell PowerConnect 5548 switch not a unifi one.

The AP port is untag

Is that what you meant?



Set the switch port for the AP to be a trunk port (pass all VLANs).


I second, verify the switch ports are configured for the VLANs you intend to use. Make sure the port that pfSense uses is trunked, and if you only intend a single VLAN for your AP set the vlan of the port.

For pfSense if you’re going to use an interface for VLANs then you cannot use the interface directly anymore. You will get bleed-over between the VLAN(s) and LAN traffic.

In Cisco you would first create the VLAN and then edit the port and either change it to trunk or set the default VLAN ID (PVID in some cases).


Hi guys,

Thank you very much for your help.
I set the pfSense and the AP port to ‘trunk’ mode and it’s all working now :slight_smile: