Pfsense VLAN and Edge Switch with UNIFI AP

I want to configure pfsense vlan and dhcp server for my guest and private network.
configured vlan 4 for my Guest and vlan 6 for my private network.

pfsense SG2440 - vlan 4 IP /24 vlan 6 IP /24

edge switch 24(250w) - port 1-6 untagged VLAN 6 , port 7-23 untagged VLAN4, port 24 trunk vlan 4 and vlan 6.

AP’s - Configure vlan 4 and network vlan only 4.

when ap is not configure for vlan i cann access the SSID but when click on advance vlan 4 the SSID is not showing.

what is the possible problem?

You want the AP’s to have trunk ports as I show in this video