Pfsense Use a lot of RAM on proxmox

Hello everyone.
I have problem with my Pfsense 2.4.5 p1 on my proxmox 6.2-11.
i dedicate 4G of ram for my pfsense. I did use any extra manage packages. It run perfectly fine few days with 1.2 G of RAM but I see some slowdown of my network so I check and I that it take 3.6G-3.8G of RAM now. So i don’t know what is the problem i already Disable hardware checksum offload.
Any advice? please help me.

Is the memory in Proxmox for that VM set to fixed or balloon? Try setting it to fixed (uncheck Balloon). I’ve seen that some software (MariaDB on CentOS, PFSense in general) react poorly to ballooning - I believe it causes the memory garbage collection to not trigger until late, because as memory is being used, more memory gets allocated. And PFSense without extra packages doesn’t need a lot of memory, so maybe set it to 2GB.

Memory being used isn’t a bad thing in general, but having a memory leak (memory that is allocated, and then kept allocated after it should have been freed) can be if it causes exhaustion. If you keep having issues then you’ll need to look at what process(es) are consuming the memory.

I can say that my pfSense on hardware does not do this, at home I only have 4gb and it never goes above about 1.2gb. At work we have a lot more running and I still don’t see it go over about 3gb under heavy use (24gb avalable).

Not enough information provided. Do you have a zfs pool attached and running in proxmox?

I only have unifi, pi-hole and pfsense

Thanks for your reply. I will try to reduce the allocated RAM and see what happen

Yes, on the fresh install it stays arround 1.2gb but i don’t now what happen

Mine is around the same. Any hypervisor usually takes 1-2 GB of ram just for itself. If you really want to use that ram, then your best bet would be to use a headless ubuntu server with KVM, managed by virt-manager. However, now you won’t have fancy easy-click features like backups, etc.