pfSense - upgraded internet package

Hi all

I have upgraded my business internet package to 400/200 … I am only getting around 120 down though on pfSense, I have tried changing network cards - all 1 gig interfaces, still only seeing around 120 ish down.

I have pfblocker running and have disabled to check, its not that.

The spec of my pf box is as follows:

Should be more than powerful enough to handle a 400/200 connection.

PS: I can confirm I do have 400 into the building, I plugged my laptop into the ISP’s ONT and set up a PPPOE on PopOS and speed test confirmed I am seeing 400 at the fibre terminator which would plug into the WAN on my pfsense.

Any ideas?


iPerf test from pfSense:


Do you have any power savings turned on in the BIOS? The CPU looks solid. The only other thing I would check is the temp while you are running your speed test.

Hi Fred

Thanks was beginning to lose hope!

Power settings are all disabled in the bios or not set!

CPU temp didnt rise above 47.4 on speed test!


Do you have a setting to put it on high performance?

I didnt see one… ill double check!

Everything is set to high power high performance.

OK I have news

Something in the i7 system is throttling the WAN, I took the NICs and hard drive out of the I7 and put them into my daily PC, booted pfsense and assigned the NICs… same config as in the I7 - guess what… 430/300.

So I guess it is something with that PC!

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I was going to say, my Atom based firewall does speed tests at 900/900 or slightly better when I can find a server capable testing at that speed. Since classes are all online, we have plenty of idle connection speed right now.

I would SSH to each pfSense instance and in the shell run “top -P” during your speed test to see what the differences are.