PFsense upgrade from 3100 to 6100

With the notice that netgate is going to stop supporting the 3100, i went ahead and purchased a 6100 netgate. Both devices are running the same version of code 23.09-RELEASE. on my original 3100 i have several vlans configured. 3 ports on the 3100 go out to different ubiquiti switches to provide access around the house. (note, i am NOT using dot1q trunks). I set up the vlans on my 6100 however the 6100 seems to treat them differently then the 3100 and i can not seem to get them to pass to the switches using the same ports on the switches. here is the config on the 3100 (working):

Vlans all assigned to mveta1. on the new firewall, i can only assign them all to LAN ( I assumed that would then use all ports)

(I have to reply to myself to add the picture of the new FW, seems its a new user restriction)

can someone provide guidance whats wrong? been through a ton of videos online and docs, cant seem to find one that addresses this? Do i need to delete the exist LAN interfaces to make it work? Thank you in advance for any assistance

here is what i have configured on the new FW

All the ports on the 6100 are individual ports, not switch ports. Yes, you can assign all of your VLANs to one port and then that port would go to your switch.

Thanks Tom, i guess that’s where i’m having a problem then. Id like to assign all the vlans to all the ports. however in the vlan dropdown i dont see a way to assign a vlan to multiple ports. What am i missing? Any chance you have a video on this? I cant seem to find the answer

A VLAN can only have one physical parent interface.

Then for what I’m attempting to accomplish (one Netgate , 3 ubiquity switches 4 vlans), , i would need to connect 4 ports on the netgate to 1 switch (one port on the switch on each vlan) then trunk from that 1 switch to the other 2? or would that create a spanning tree issue. Is there an easier way to do this?

EDIT, just thought about this, set all the vlans to go out 1 interface, connect that to 1 ubilquiti switch, then connect the 2 ubiquitis to that switch trunked out.

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really appreciate the info, i know your a busy guy. keep up the great videos

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Look at Lagg ports, you could have one or multiply

Pretty sure you can do this on the Netgate devices, on my router, I have 4 ports in a LACP LAGG on my router, I pass all my vlans through that to my switch which also has 4 ports in a LACP LAGG.

Create your lagg in the Interfaces >> Lagg

Under Interface Assignments you can then assign your vlan to that LAGG interface

Interesting thought. ill test this out