PFSense Upgrade 24.03 - DNS Server

Upgraded a few devices, after the upgrade in dns servers i am seeing :100:


Does not one know how to remove this entry, or is it a bug

Post on pfsense forum also

I’m on the CE version, so I don’t get a lot of updates. But I would imagine it’s not a bug. ::1 is the IPv6 localhost address, same as for IPv4. It means that pfSense itself uses the internal resolver for DNS lookups, just as it has been doing before when it only said But now it also uses IPv6 for that.

24.03 is only for Netgate devices currently

PFSense forum responses

This is normal setup - * Fixed: Local DNS resolution behavior does not add an IPv6 nameserver #15139

No it’s not, it’s for white box devices too. Running it myself with a Plus license

There is some breaking of openVPN also. I had to revert back to my last environment. Another crappy update from netgate. At least in pfsense plus you can revert back.

Can you elaborate on the OpenVPN breaking? I haven’t seen any other comments about problems with OpenVPN on 24.03, so maybe this is related to a specific feature combination?

When I did the upgrade I don’t remember the exact error I was getting, it said 3 unknown errors.

I did a reboot and it looked to come back up. I had a VPN setup from a provider and I had a server for me to remote back into my network. Maybe it was fluke?