pfSense updates

Hi Everyone,

I have e-mail notifications set up to let me know when pfSense has available updates. I saw these all became available within the last 24-48 hours or so.

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Some packages are part of the base system and will not show up in Package Manager. If any such updates are listed below, run pkg upgrade from the shell to install them:

check_reload_status: 0.0.8 -> 0.0.8_1 [pfSense]
dhcpleases: 0.3_2 -> 0.3_3 [pfSense]
dhcpleases6: 0.1_2 -> 0.1_3 [pfSense]
filterdns: 2.0_3 -> 2.0_4 [pfSense]
pfSense-Status_Monitoring: 1.7.11_2 -> 1.7.11_3 [pfSense]
pfSense-upgrade: 0.87 -> 0.87_1 [pfSense]
php72-pfSense-module: 0.65 -> 0.65_1 [pfSense]
ssh_tunnel_shell: 0.1_1 -> 0.1_2 [pfSense]
wrapalixresetbutton: 0.0.7 -> 0.0.7_1 [pfSense]

How is everyone handling these updates? Are others monitoring these as well? There is no indication through the pfSense dashboard or Package Manager that they are available. I did run the updates. I’m second guessing myself and wondering if it was safe to do so.


In my home setup, I take a backup then update the packages I do it from time to time or when I notice it from the package widget.

Conversely Netgate state when updating pfSense to NOT update packages.

Whatever you do probably best to take a backup.

Good advice. I do regular manual backups and also have the Auto Config Backup service running.

Do you ever go into the CLI and run pkg upgrade ?

Actually I never thought of it, I hardly ever login to pfsense as it is unless I think something is up.

Gotcha. Just for fun, go into the CLI and run this command to see if there are any upgrades available…

/usr/local/bin/php -q /root/pkg_check.php

or just run pkg upgrade after backing up. =-)

You can update it either way

The CLI shows updates that are not shown in the GUI.