Pfsense update to 2.5.2 openvpn Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol

After updating my firewall to 2.5.2 my OpenVpn tunnel never came back up. After looking into the logs its complaining “Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol” As far as I know I have everything set to ipv4 and don’t know where to look next. The other error that is present which I think is related is "RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: domain (Name does not resolve).

My internet and all other traffic is working fine and I am getting an IPV4 address from my provider.

I did the update of pfsense 2.5.2 but my OpenVpn is working fine. In my openvpn setting I have protocol selected as TCP on IPv4 only.

Updated to 2.5.2 OpenVPN servers and clients are running as usual.

I think this may be a provider problem looking into it now

It appears the provider deprecated the old server url and never notified users. After updating to the correct/new url everything is back up.