pfSense + untangle?

Just saw the pfSense/untangle comparison and I am currently running pfSense.

I’m thinking of adding untangle to my network for its logging and reporting features, but keeping pfSense on the edge for pfblockerNG so I can have ip based blocklists. Question for anyone with a similar setup:
I can go either dual Nat or put the untangle box in as a bridge. If I do use the bridge, what apps (besides the obvious - VPN) will not work? Don’t tell me dual Nat is the end of the world - I’ve done it before, it adds minimal latency delay, and all you need to do is forward anything you need for open ports from the edge box.
If I install as a bridge, I will have to setup the untangle to bridge the VLANs that it will be exposed to as it will be connected to a trunk port - again, any issues with applications?
Third option - put untangle on the edge if it has the ability to add and manage IP blocklists - from what I have seen there is only URL based blocking with the web filtering but would be happy to find I was wrong.



I run pfSense as edge router and Untangle in bridge. An awesome combination IMHO.

The apps I run in Untangle without any issue: Web Filter, Virus Blocker, Bandwidth Control, Firewall, Ad Blocker, WAN Balancer and Intrusion Prevention.

In pfSense I use pfBlockerNG, OpenVPN Client and OpenVPN Server and of course DHCP Server, DNS Server, etc.

In my home setup I have my normal LAN and other 2 VLANs for Guest and IoT They are all individually bridged without any issue.

Thank you! This is just what I was looking for. Do you have any issues with reporting or the dashboard? Are you still able to get the full range of output?