Pfsense -> Untangle migration (home use)

I made a post a while back about looking at jumping to a UMDPro but based on issues posted I have changed gears to looking at Untangle Home licence instead. So, I have a few sanity check questions since I have never really migrated from these sorts of firewalls before. I am not an IT pro. Just a nerdy truck driver. lol

So, behind my firewall is all Unifi hardware, switches and APs. I am assuming I can just write down all my relavant VLAN and static address info from pfsesnse and just plug it all into Untangle. And from there it will propigate through the network like normal and none of the rest of the network will need to be touched. Am I correct on this or missing something?

Is there anything I might overlook that I should get copies of from pfsense to make my life easier? Is there a simpler way to do this than writing it all down and then plugging the relavant info into Untangle?

I will be doing this on a new drive and keeping pfsense around for a while at least. That way if I have any issues getting things fired up I can just boot the server off the pfsense drive instead.

The server its self has a quad core Xeon E3-1231v3 and 8 GB of RAM. I would imagine this is more than enough for a 1Gbs WAN. At least it was for pfsense with pfblocker and a few other things running.

Any insights would be appreciated. Like I said above, I do not do this for a living, just more of a nerd hobby. Thanks in advance.

I was looking at Untangle, but my show stopper was the lack of “avahi” or something comparable. I did run the trial version for about a week, but found issues with all my ChromeCast devices due to the lack of avahi. I also thought about going down the Ubiquiti path, but after reading the comments on here and other forums, I decided to stick with pfSense. Now if Untangle was to come up with something like avahi, then I would consider a second look.

I don’t think I have anything in my home using avahi. I don’t use Apple at all, so no Bonjour. Pretty sure that is avahi based. If I do have anything using it, I am unaware and have never configured anything for it manually. So, pretty sure that is not an issue for me. If nothing else I will take the two week trial for a spin and go from there. Worst case I can use the SSD in another system.

Why not allow the traffic between the vlans on the ports required? Do the ports change?
I went from pfsense, to untangle, back to pfsense, and once again am looking at switching back.
Luckily I had configured UT to backup to my google drive account so I have everything, and I will do the same with the pfsense instance.
And like the OP, I have a full unifi backend, from switches to AP’s to camera’s.
You’re going to have to document everything and key it in once you make the switch.

Is there a plugin for avahi on Untangle? I mean Untangle is based on Debian and avahi runs on Debian???