Pfsense Unifi DCHP

I am running Pfsense on an old workstation. I am also running the Unifi controller on another workstation. I have an Enterasys A series switch between them. I want Pfsense to handle all the DHCP. Do I change the DHCP mode in the unifi controller to “none”? and also will this affect any vlan creation in the future?

Please advice.

Yes, set the lan dhcp to ‘None’ - for example. The network settings are ignored, except for gateway IP subnet - enter the pfsense IP address

When creating vlan on the controller, create them as vlan only, for example

If you have no Unifi switches, you have to manually create the required vlan settings on your switches

Thank you very much. I have made the changes. I will report back after monitoring the network for a couple of days