Pfsense, Unifi, Blink XT2

Hi there,

I have a couple of Blink XT2 cameras routed through Unifi to Pfsense and Open VPN.
The cameras won’t connect to their servers, so am unable to set them up.
I have a separate IOT net configured on Unifi with Chromecast, SmartThings etc which works fine.
Just can’t these bloody cameras to work!!
Any Ideas anyone?

Thanks James

Do the cameras have IP addresses? Can you ping them?

When you have the IP addresses of the cameras, go thru the Pfsense logs and see where the connections drop.

Hi Jeff

I did some checking and apparently they need to connect before the VPN is turned on.

Question is now how do I pause the VPN in order to get them connected?.

Used Tom’s YouTube videos to get set up, no idea how to pause the connection.

Any Ideas mate?

Do you have policy routing? Also, it doesn’t make sense that you need to turn off the vpn for them to connect. If you turn the vpn back on after connecting them, you are technically not routing it over the vpn because the state to route them out whatever you have configured is still active (your wan as an example).

Not sure which video you mean so can’t be sure. If you just deactivate the vpn, do you lose internet everywhere?

Yes mate it all go’s down :frowning: don’t know what to do?

Yeah mate it’s a pain in the arse!! Apparently its insecure according to their help pages, sounds more like snooping to me!. Don’t know what to do?

More details are needed to figure out what’s going on. Do you have a network diagram and a summary of your rules?