pFsense, Unifi and Captive Portal issue

Hi there

I have a strange issue.

Fresh install of latest pFsense, with only pfBlockerNG installed.

Everytime I try and connect to my SSID, I get the popup asking to joing a captive portal.

Captive Portal is not setup on PF and Guest Network is not enabled on my Unifi AP’s

Any idea what could cause this?

It might be downstream from your provider. Are you in an apartment complex or something?

Nope, private free standing residence

I assume you have a IP passthrough or bridge to your pfsense (pfsense has a public IP as the WAN)? If so the might be a caching issue on the device. Try to clear the browser cache, forget the SSID and try again.

Try turning off pfblocker and see if the problem persists.

Seems like this is the issue. What in pfBlockerNG could cause this?

You are blocking something that the device is using to check for connectivity,

I have trawled through the logs to find the culprit and dont quite know what to look for. Do you have any suggestions?

Look under the reports in pfblocker.