Pfsense unable to browse few legit websites

I just setup the pfsense firewall and I have configured the pfBlockerNG as well. The pfBlockerNG is configured for both WAN and LAN. I am unable to browse sites like Github, quora, reddit websites. When I disable the “Top Spammer” rule “pfB_Top_V4”, I am able to browse GitHub, quora, reddit.

My configuration in LAN is below
1… pfB_Top4 > Action > Reject > Source (Any) > Destination > Single Host or Alias (pfB_Top4)

Do I have to disable this rule, if not How do I allow the pfsense from LAN to browse GitHub, Reddit.?

I am able to ping this websites from WAN and not from LAN. I can able to browse other websites like google, lawrencessystes, news websites without any issues.

I found the solution and added the whitelist. It works fine. Thanks.

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