pfSense - Unable to access internet or ping hosts on other physical interfaces on newly created vLANS

I am setting up a new network that already has a wireless network (managed) hanging off one physical interface and a wired network (unmanaged) hanging off another physical interface. I am able to reach the internet and reach hosts on both of these networks. I am now setting up some Cisco switches that have a number of vLANS on them. I can plug a pc into these switches (in the different vLANS) and ping the gateway on pfSense (on all the vLANS), but I can’t ping or reach a host on any of the physical interfaces, nor access the internet.

Does anyone have any advice on what I am missing?



You need to define the VLAN in the switches attached to the network. I show how to do this with UniFi in this video:


Just wanted to come back here and say I got this working. Turned out my pfSense configuration was correct, I was missing one line on the configuration on my core switch Trunk port that was causing my issues. [switchport mode trunk] Once that was in place, all my vlAN’s started getting DHCP addresses from my firewall.

Thanks for all your assistance!