PFSense -> UDM Pro VPN & Routing

Hey all! I have a PFSense 2100sg & my dad has a UDM Pro at his house. We both have static IPs. I am .10 & he is .200 for subnets. We currently allow all traffic.

I would like to create a subnet for my smart TVs, this subnet I would want to make them think that they are actually at m Dads house, to trick them into allowing me to use his Hulu at “his location.”

I have two problems doing this. 1) I have not been able to make a different VLAN WiFi work because I have my Unifi AP Pros plugged directly into the sg2100 because I dont NEED a switch. But, evidently, I should get one? Then I can tag appropriately? Am I unable to tag the ports on the sg2100 to the ap? I have watched Toms & Mactelecoms videos on VLANs & I have thoroughly check everything on this, too. My unifi AP can even ping the gateway on the other VLANs, its just if I make a network then wifi, DHCP will not give out. Yes, DHCP is on. Firewall rules are in place, otherwise pinging would not work.

  1. How will my routing work? How will I trick the device, say on VLAN 20, to think it is at my dads on the other end of the tunnel?

Thanks in advance! Keep networking!

You create the VLAN in pfsense do the tagging in the WiFi setting of UniFi by choosing the VLAN network in UniFi controller.