pfSense trouble shooting for peace of mind

pfSense CE - 2.6.0-RELEASE (amd64)
Built on Mon Jan 31 19:57:53 UTC 2022

Running on Intel Atom CPU E3845 @ 1.91 GHz

WAN via pppoe

Pppoe connected, getting official ip.

Working normal until yesterday, then I can suddenly not get to internet anymore in the afternoon.

I have a couple of subnets, but can’t get out from any of them.

Need to figure out if pfSense is at fault before I go to the ISP and talk in capital letters.

Under gateways, the WAN_PPPOE shows up with a different IP than the official IP I get on the WAN interface.

When I check under routing, WAN_PPPOE is set as the default ipv4 gateway with the ip address that is not the official from the WAN interface 177.44.x.x range.

If I open to edit this gateway, ot shows that it is using WAN, but the IP address is set to dynamic and can not be changed.

So both the IP and monitoring IP is not set to the official IP. The gateway IP and monitoring IP is in the 10.60.x.x range. This is internal IP, right? I am guessing only used to let the router find the pppoe server, and then use the official IP (not local) from there?

I can ping the official IP on WAN from inside. But a traceroute from pfSense uses the WAN_PPPOE IP address instead of the WAN address.

For DNS, I have

My location is the mountains of Brazil between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The ISP say things are ok from their end, but I am doubtful - they have been wrong before.

Still, would love to get a second (third, fourth etc. is also welcome! ) opinion before I go there. They tend to do things wrong and then cover it up.

Is there a chance there is something wrong with their pppoe service?

I have not done any changes to my firewall rules until today. So that should not be the problem.

What I have done today is disable HAProxy and pfBlockerNG so their rules are out of the firewall. I have also enabled ping so I can test it from the outside without having to go back home :grin:

I have tried to give as much info here as possible. I rebooted the fiber modem several times yesterday. The lights indicate all is well. I have also rebooted pfSense, just to be sure. And it connects to the pppoe server, gets the IP and shows all is Ok.

Did I miss something?