PFSENSE. to UNIFI DREAM MACHINE pro not working[ tired and frustated]

Wifi AP is created through Unifi but when i am trying to get an IP, its saying failed to assing.

I am new to to this and am learning.

I read the previous post [Unifi AP with VLAN not working in pfSense (no DHCP)] But i amm still unable to do the setup.

I have my PF SENSE running in VM in which connect to the WAN port of the Unifi dream machine and the i follow the steps as per all the videos.


its not allowing New users to put multuiple media items so i am putting the reddit post here for this issue.

Please help as i am really desperate

Don’t use unifi but my access point has an option for a management vlan perhaps you need to have set this for the device to obtain an IP.

Sorry if i didnt get you. When i click on the AP, it redirects me here.
Is there some options here to do that.

Can you make a diagram of what you are trying to do? is a nice website if you don’t have Visio.

Also note the UDM can only use a single VLAN on its WAN port (whether tagged or untagged) - it is only for the WAN and you can’t pass a second VLAN through from WAN to LAN. If you’re trying to have an SSID on the LAN side of the Unifi go directly to a different VLAN that the PFSense is acting as the router for, then you will need to create this as a “VLAN only” network in Unifi and connect an extra cable from the PFSense to the UDM LAN to carry this VLAN. (I see you’re using ESXi, which makes it harder because I doubt you have another port available on your host server)

@brwainer thank for tip that the WAN port cannot have second VLAN.

My ESXI has an extra 3rd port. Let me try and see if that is working(working on it now). If that doesnt, i will post the thing i am trying to do .

Thank you for the quick reply

Adding the extra nic to Pfsense and then passing it to one of the dream machine port worked.

But Whne i keep the profile of the port to ALL, its not working but if i tag it to a specfic vlan , its working.

Is this the expected behaviour, or is there something else i should be doing

Got everything working … had to tag the nic of the vm as 4095 to allow all tagged vlans in vmware esxi

I’m glad its all working and you were able to figure it out once given that piece of info. For the future though, please provide more info about what you’re trying to do overall, it helps others figure out how to help you. I was lucky to guess what it was you were trying to do and provide a useful suggestion.

Sure . Will do that in future …thanks for all your help
@neogrid and @brwainer