PfSense to netgear to Ubiquiti

First time poster and new to vlans and such.
I understand the way it works, I’ve just never set one up.

I have 2 Ubiquiti 8 port managed switches and a 24 port netgear managed switch (gs724-t)z.
I’m currently using PfSense in a VM, but will move it to a dedicated machine later when this is to be set up.

I want to connect PfSense to the netgear switch and the Ubiquiti switches to the netgear.
I will still find them in the software even if they are divided up on different ports and different vlans on the netgear switch right?

I’ve got pfsense on HW connected to a Netgear switch with several switches daisy-chained off it.

The way I did it was to connect pfsense via a LACP to the switch, while a LAN is configured I don’t use it.

Created a management vlan 10, sticking pfsense, switches and my AP on it. Then setup my various vlans as I require them.

I’d suggest configuring pfsense on the LAN, then configure the Netgear isolated from the network, once setup then connect it to pfsense. Read the Netgear switch manual on configuring the vlans they have specific steps you need to follow if you are unsure.

While I don’t have ubiquiti switches I’d expect that you can just configure the vlans on them then connect them over a LACP. Personally I connect all my switches with 2 cables.

Then if you setup your rules correctly you’ll be able to access your devices as you require.

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah, sounds like everything is doable then :slight_smile:

I’m also looking at testing a powerline solution also. From the house to the garage.