[Pfsense] Surfing internet through OpenVPN server

Hi everyone
I’m a new/newbie pfsense user here.
I saw Lawrence’s tutorial “pfsense OpenVPN Configuration For Remote Users 2020” . Very interesting indeed.
I already set up OpenVpn on my pfsense machine a few months ago, using also a DDNS service since I have no static IP pubblic for my home internet connection. Everything works fine so far. I can get access to my home LAN anywhere I am, by using either my smartphone in tethering or any restaurant wifi connections. Good!

I’d like now not only getting access to my home LAN, but also being able to surf the internet safely, by taking advantage of my OpenVPN server on my pfsense as if I were using any paid VPN service like, say, NordVPN. Need I just to check the “redirect gateway” button as it is shown in LS’s video tutorial for it to work properly? Is it the best way to get my goal. I want to make sure that I got it right.

I have not tested it with the Android client, but the redirect gateway option should work fine for the phone.

I use tethering just in case I can’t find a good wifi connection around. Most times, it will be just bar or restaurant wifi.
So is “redirect gateway” the best way to go for my purpose? I have no need to set up something else other than it, haven’t I?

By the way, can I check and uncheck the redirect gateway button when I need it without exporting the client configuration each time?

Redirect works for me, for LAN and Internet from any device over OpenVPN.

As there is no logical limit on number of VPN servers on PfSense, just configure how many you need with different parameters. Install the client certificates on your device. Using the OpenVPN client works really easily on the phone (Android - but iPad is tricky to enter a long password), very easy to switch between VPNs.

If you have a paid for VPN, add that to your PfSense OpenVPN, then you can connect to that paid VPN on any device. Avoid sha go for at lease sha256.

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Useful information indeed. Thanks