pfSense subnet routing

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Routing between two subnets in pfSense causes me issues. I have searched to the moon and back - still having the issue.

My setup:

  1. pfSense is reset to factory default
  2. igb0, WAN interface: IP is not within the public range
  3. igb1, LAN interface:
  4. igb2, WIFI interface:

The wireless access point have IP

How do I access the AP from my pc sitting on the LAN interface?

These are the configured rules.

You don’t have different subnets you have different address ranges. You need NAT between them.

Will be easier to use the same address ranges for your AP and router.

You seem to have the sources and destinations of your rules confused. You have allowed “Packets coming from source WIFI_AP net into interface LAN destined for LAN net”. But what you want is to allow “Packets coming from source LAN net into interface LAN destined for WIFI_AP net”.

That means, you need to swap source and destination on the rule in the LAN tab. If access from the PC on the LAN to the WIFI AP is the only thing you want, you won’t need any other rules.