pfSense stopped routing traffic. What to look for in logs?

I have a netgate 1100. Twice now it has stopped sending traffic for no apparent reason. The first time it happened the device was very hot so I assumed it was a thermal issue. So I setup a fan to blow air over it to keep it cool.

That was probably about two weeks ago. Without any observed issue.

Then today 10/7/2021 it stopped routing all traffic again. I could not get to the web interface to login to see what was wrong.

A simple power cycle fixed the issue.

The fan was never turned off and the device was mostly cool to the touch there was a slight warm spot but nothing extreme like the first time it stopped outing traffic, so I don’t think its a thermal issue…

I am looking at the logs to see if I can spot anything, but nothing is standing out.

If any of you guys and gals have any suggestions of things to look for or where to look I would appreciate it.

EDIT: I have a unif switch, AP and cloud key all of which where still powered on and appeared to be functioning.

Look under Status → System Logs → General and Routing. But if it is a hardware failure it may not have much in there.

Yeah, I checked the System Logs and didn’t see any major errors.

If it is a hardware issue, is there anyway for me to confirm this? Would I be better off trying to RMA the SG 1100?

If you have packages installed, try slowly disabling them until you do not get anymore freezing. Some packages require a lot of ram depending on the options you select, which can cause similar behavior (when out of ram).

Sometimes you can get into the console, and restart the web services which will let you log in and poke around logs. Or you can just review logs manually while in console. It’s definitely better to try and view the logs during the issue(s) since some of the logs may be in RAM and do not get properly dumped when you power cycle.

Thanks for the response.

The only package I have installed is pfblocker, but that was only installed after the second freeze so it could not have played a roll in the freeze.

I agree with logging into the console to see what is wrong, but so far it has always happened when I need the internet. So I had to reboot it ASAP both times it happened.

RAM usage is only around 25% and CPU is floats between 10 and 25% which is why I wonder if this freeze may be a hardware issue.