pfSense still on vacation

Hey guys, got a weird one here. I recently went on vacation to several European countries. I was on my vpn “openVPN” on my phone the whole time I was there. We visited several countries to include German. Now that I’m back home in California, all of my devices think I’m in Germany. I have rebooted my pfSense box and user devices. When I open web browsers on my desktop, they open in german.

First, how would using my vpn while in Germany cause any kind of DNS changes on my pfsense box?

And second, how do I fix this?

DNS Forward is not enabled but DNS Resolver is. And from what I can see, all the settings look right.


Perhaps your DNS was leaking, maybe your location tracker on the phone was on, maybe Android or Apple are doing things you have no idea of.

If you connect a device which hasn’t been to Germany does it now behave as if had ?

Personally I have no idea what goes on, on my phone so I consider it untrusted. My laptop is under my control at least.

I bet you have clicked on something that says do you want your search results in German.

I had this happen with Amazon once, what a pain. I clicked a link for a product in another country, and Amazon decided that to would set the localization to that country. it might be your devices are whacked and it might take a bunch of digging to fix it.

A location service was running on one of your devices and since your home IP was being used while your device had a GPS or other location data showing Germany, some IP Geolocation databases may have updated the Geolocation of your IP to Germany.
Put your home IP address in or something and see where it says that IP address is at