Pfsense Static WAN /29 IP's

Hi Folks

Been having some troubles getting my Static IP’s working on pfsense. ISP has assigned me a block of IP’s on a /29 subnet. So as follows. the WAN, Gateway and DNS were all set to what was assigned to me by the ISP.

WAN IP 193.XXX.XXX.74/29
Gateway: 193.XXX.XXX.72

My ISP uses a GRE Tunnel to connect their router to their datacenter. Pfsense shows the WAN as up but any device on the lan does not have internet access. Been testing and trying a few things for the past couple of days and i have no idea to what is causing this issue.

Any help appreciated

I have rarely had to use GRE they have documentation here on it
But if that does not help you might want to post in the

Hi Tom.

GRE Tunnel is what my modem uses to connect it to their Datacenter. Far as im aware of PFsense shouldn’t need that to connect. just a wan ip and gateway.

Just been on the phone with my ISP to check it. Shows connected on their end but no data is being passed through it