pfSense speeds capped at 500Mbps on a 1.2Gbps network

i have a custom system thats a
Ryzen 5 4600G
ASRock B450 motherboard
32GB of ram
1TB of nvme storage
quad port RTL8125B 2.5Gbps network card(had to install the driver manually from OPNsense)
(i know its not server grade hardware but its for a home network)
my protectli box(FW4B) also was capped at around 500Mbps before sending it back
pfSense is 2.6.0
Snort is installed using IPS Policy

taking my modem out of bridge mode and connecting directly to it gets about 900Mbps-1Gbps
but connecting the modem to the pfSense box only gets around 450Mbps or so from the box with speedtest-cli
around 300Mbps from my own computer
i don’t have any limiters set on anything
WAN is 2500Base-T full-duplex
LAN is 1000baseT full-duplex (vLANs are also 1000baseT full-duplex)
Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading is off
Hardware Large Receive Offloading is off
(i saw turning these off fixed this issue from other forums but no such luck)

could anyone help me with this?

My guess is the RTL8125B is the issue. I always suggest using Intel NIC’s as they are the best supported.

do you know of any good quad port 2.5 Gbps intel cards? that would fit in a normal motherboard pci slot?
i could not find one while looking