pfSense® Software Embraces Change: A Strategic Migration to the Linux Kernel

Netgate publish this on April fools day but nothing about it seems to be a joke?


Wait until tomorrow. I hate this trend in business, if I wanted to fool around, there is a vast ocean of foolery on the web.

Might as well have an announcement that Microsoft is going to stop producing Windows and move everything into Linux (or name another OS).

Normally you can tell by the flippant nature of the content but this reads sensible! Waiting to see…

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My hope is they aren’t fooling around here. I hope they fully move away from FreeBSD to Linux. I truly believe FreeBSD is holding them back.

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I agree. Someday I think they will do it. Their significant influence in the BSD kernel is a bad sign for BSD and them. It means they sinking too much money in keeping the kernel afloat. Move to linux and most of those funds can be redirected elsewhere. It just makes too much business sense.

And for those who want to get technical, yes they can still call themselves pfsense. Who cares if they are using a different packet filter in linux.

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OK Blog entry is still live so not an April 1st thing.

If it goes the way of TrueNAS core then imagine pfsense on BSD will reach a dead end in a year or two?

Be interesting to see where OpnSense goes as a result.

a) Stay on BSD with it’s shrinking community and hardware support,
b) port OpnSense to Linux independently
c) Wait to see if they can fork Pfsense (Linux).

Expect likely a) or b) more than c)

Interesting times - as it always is in the world of I.T.

The much more interesting question would be whether there will still be a fully-fledged community/FOSS edition of LinuxSense. If not, then the question of whether there will be an OPNsense fork has already been answered. :wink:

About time this is announced!
And I do hope it is true as what they have written on the web page is the exact thing I am repeating year after year.
I love FreeBSD, but this is what is holding back pfSense (and was holding back FreeNAS/TrueNAS) performance wise.

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What they could do is take TNSR and make a community edition. From what I read a while back they are already creating a web UI for TNSR.

Indeed all thought it was an April fool, but not so sure. Article is still there and published to the RSS area on pfsense web console.

How much did TrueNas / IX Systems contribute, I remember Tom did a break down of the percentage break down.

It’ll no doubt take a long time like Scale as taken a while to mature.

Part of the reason people think it was a joke was it refers to a 2017 article which has the words “Happy April Fools day” tacked on - but that article like this one is still up and doesn’t read like a joke article at all - so unless Netgate having another “moment” I think it’s true and likely Linux switch has been on their minds a while.

Waiting with interest…


This will break my pfSense Stratum 0 GPS+PPS source, since the Linux kernel does not support PPS on the CTS pin, only the DCD pin. The DCD pin is not available on RJ45 COM serial ports.