PFSense Setup Question


About a year ago I purchased a Netgate 4100 and did a basic setup as suggested in this amazing set up video by the man himself:

Everything has been perfect and I have added additional rules and stuff as needed but my question is, are the basic rules still valid a year later? I know there has been multiple updates to PFSense since this video was released and was wondering if any of those default rules need to be updated or anything else to look for rule wise. I’m still learning networking and I assume they’re still good and valid but was just wondering.

Thank you!

Yes , the basic rules are still validate today.

The main thing with PFSense it blocks everything unless there is a rule to allow traffic between devices / networks

if you want vlans check this video out

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Thank you so much for confirming that for me. It’s been really fun learning networking since I have only been doing it on this level for a year and have learn a bunch thanks to you all. I really appreciate it.

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