pfSense services not starting after reboot

For some reason the services arpwatch, avahi and radiusd are not starting automatically when pfSense is rebooted.

There is no problem starting the services manually.

Anyone knows what might be preventing automatic start of these three services?

You might need to look into the logs and see if there are any failures.

The only error that I am seeing in the log is this one:

vnstatd, 3090, Error: pidfile “/var/run/vnstat/” lock failed (Resource temporarily unavailable), exiting.

No idea what that error is. However, you can try installing the service watchdog add-on and see if it restarts those services.

Yes, adding the three services to the watchdog works but I feel that its a patch rather than a fix.

I tried reinstalling the packages using the reinstall package icon on the installed packages screen. However, that did not help.

I finally managed to solve the problem by completly removing the three services one by one, and the reinstalling them again one by one afterwards (with intermediate reboots).

All very stange since I have recently reinstalled pfSense 2.7.1 from scratch. I did however reimport my configuration.

Ah ok, sometimes I have noticed the Freeradius package takes a while to start up,not noticed it not being up after a reboot however.

Well, since reinstalling the three packages everything starts quickly and smoothly following a reboot. It was actually not only Radius causing trouble. Avahi and Arpwatch were also “hanging”.

Kind of strange that I had to completly remove and reinstall each of the three packages and that the package reinstall function did not solve the problem. Maybe the intermediate reboots made the difference?