Pfsense Serial Port to Cisco manage switch

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despite of this pandemic crisis that we have right now,
I am hoping that everyone safey.

I was wondering if I can possible maximize serial port on my pfsense installed on a hp thin client
and accessing my cisco 2960 managed switch via pfsense.

instead of modifying cisco config on my old computer having those serial port
I wanted to use the serial port on my pfsense box and hook the connector to my cisco managed switch

is this possible ?


Probably not since you would need some type of client software installed on the pfSense for it to work. The console port on that server is likely only able to provide access to pfSense itself and not other systems.

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It looks like you’re not the first to ask this and it looks like it may actually be possible. Unfortunately I can’t try it as my pfSense box is the only box I have with a serial port and I ditched all of my serial cables a few month ago, which is just typical!

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Why not set up your switch to be managed via SSH instead of the physical connection via serial?

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Thanks for the resources you’ve shared that might one help me though.

I will look into it.


I would be considering that one too using ssh connection from my client to switch I will try to check on google how to work on that,

thanks for this info

Hi just an update,

I was able to connect to my cisco switch via pfsense shell

Thread closed

thank you everyone for sharing ideas

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Hello can you help me , please I want connect my PFsense serial port to Router Cisco, but in the console only say : Connected thanks.