PfSense & Running FlightAware


A few months ago I updated PfSense, and in the process added a very basic NtopNG, as well as pfBlockerNG. Since then I have updated my Odroid N2+ with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and installed PiAware 8.2 on it to run both the 1090 and 978 flight aware program. I have gone through about every troubleshooting method I know and asked for help with connecting it, but it appears that port 30005 may not be communicating, and port 30000 seems to interfere with the default NtopNG port. The questions are as follows:

What is the best way to put NtopNG on a port that will not interfere?

Would enabling the two packages on PfSense have blocked the ports needed to use the PiAware?

After about a month of trying to go through the FlightAware setup, the only thing I haven’t tried so far is network related.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Ntopng shouldn’t interfere with anything at all so you don’t need to put it on its own interface or port.

Pfblockerng might not block anything unless you are using a DNS name or public IP it doesn’t like.

Do you have any VLAN’s configured?
What do your rules look like on your interfaces?
Do you have a firewall setup on your Ubuntu install(UFW or iptables)?
Are you sure that Ubuntu has those ports available for this service that you are running?
Have you tested accessing the ports to your Ubuntu while this service is running using pfsense or third part tools?

Apologies for not responding sooner!

Good insight to the Ntopng and PfBlockerng

Only VLAN I have setup is for IoT devices (this particular one is on my general VLAN).
The rules I have setup are the very generic ones (from the Lawrence Systems videos).
I do not have a firewall setup on the Ubuntu rig.

As I do not have anything else installed on the Ubuntu device, they should have those ports available, but I will have to see how I can test that for sure. Same for the last one.

Thank you for the suggestions! One step more to try then I could think of. I appreciate it.