Pfsense - route some traffic through VPN and other through WAN from 1 source IP

Use Case: Smart TV (single source IP) with P-ime and Y-utube destination. Would like to route the Pr-me or Netfl-x traffic to WAN Gateway and Y-utube traffic through VPN Gateway from same source IP (Smart TV).

As these streaming services have banks of destination IPs and not just a single IP this makes this challenging to do. Has anyone figured out a clean way to do this?

TY in advance.

Although not exactly what you were looking for, tvOS 17 supports third party VPNs

  1. Connect ATV to Smart TV
  2. Install streaming apps on tvOS
  3. Install Tailscale on tvOS
  4. Set up a free tier Tailscale account
  5. When you want a particular tvOS streaming app to use a different exit node, connect to Tailscale (you can pick any exit node you prefer)
  6. Rejoice!

Note: Tailscale on tvOS is not an on-demand VPN, i.e. you cannot configure Tailscale to automatically connect to Tailnet when using particular apps

Other streaming devices can likely be configured similarly with Tailscale.